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About Battle Kart

Created in a week for the 2017 Epic Mega Jam, Battle Kart has you battle against your friends to be the last kart standing! Pick up powers from the glowing pools on the map to augment your kart. Each player can have two powers they can cycle between.

Gameplay Instructions

One player has to be on keyboard the rest should play on controllers.

Tab on keyboard or back button on controller to view control setup. 

Use right bumper on controller to use power or right face button to cycle between powers after you pick them up from the glowing power pools.

When players die they wont respawn until someone is the last player standing. Then when the next round starts everyone will respawn.


Team: Curtis Zuehls, Jake Labeots, Trent Cornwell, Grabe Ruiz, and Karen Ruiz

Laser Sounds (c) by Michel Baradari: https://opengameart.org/content/4-projectile-launches

Music by Alex Colgan:  https://soundcloud.com/tfwnxlqtgf

Sounds and Music Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Controller Controls
Bottom Face Button: Acceleration
Left Face Button: Brake
Top Face Button: Look behind
Left Thumbstick: Steer

Right Bumper: Use Power
Right Face Button:Swap Power
Left Thumbstick Press: Jump
Left Bumper: Handbrake

Keyboard Controls
W: Acceleration
A: Steer Left
S: Brake
D: Steer Right
Q: Look behind

E: Use Power
R:Swap Power
Space: Jump
Left Control: Handbrake

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and inside is an Epic_MegaJam.exe file that you can run

Can only be played on Windows for now


Battle Kart.zip 285 MB

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